Play with gears throught 5 puzzles to discover the story of Mister C.

There might be some references to a certain mythology.

----- How to Puzzle -----

1/ Green gears are motors.

2/ All blue gears must be driven to win.

3/ Light grey gears can be drag and drop on axis, and can overlap another axis but can't overlap another gear!

4/ Dark grey gears can't be moved and are often used to help you.

Bonus tip: Enjoy the view of these beautiful rotating gears. Don't be afraid to be hypnotized!

----- Context of the making of the game -----

A game made in 2 weeks for the 2020 AdvX gamejam.

I encourage you to try other games of the jam!

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Thank you :)

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GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Narrative, Singleplayer

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